Wednesday, September 12

Time Marches On

With each passing year it seems that I'm getting further and further from moving at the speed of light. If I understand it right Einstein figured out that as your speed nears the speed of light time slows down (I realize it's really relative time that slows down and so on - but I'm trying to make a point here, not expound on relativity).

When I was a kid, my three month summer vacation seemed an eternity. The elapsed time between Thanksgiving and Christmas was, by my reckoning, about 40 years.

But things seem to be accelerating. I know that the time between this

and this

was about 19 years and 4 months. It felt like 19 months and 4 days.

It seems like only yesterday Barny and I were doing our annual Memorial Day bird count - checking up on the spring migration. And now we've already done the much less pleasurable fall migration - getting the kids to their college homes for the year. It did seem like time slowed down a bit for the Madison migration

which felt like it took days. Oddly, the Iowa City migratory experience was made easier by less "stuff" and a larger workforce.

It feels like the gear was barely dry from our spring boundary waters trip

when it was loaded again for the just concluded fall trip with Harry.

I guess the fact is that time flies like an arrow (but fruit flies like a banana).