Saturday, July 25

Busily Wasting Time

I've been terrible about putting my thoughts on cyber-paper lately. It's not that I haven't had any thoughts. I've written several blog entries in my head while on my bike, but I've failed to type them up when I got home. And this entry won't be too thought provoking either. Just a catch up on what's been going on.

Spring started with the annual pilgrimage to the cabin with "the boycz." All nine in attendance, and I even took home the coveted Maroon Jacket. Such a great time.

Then it was off to the Boundary Waters with Curt and the two Toms.

As you can see, the weather was anything but balmy.

but we did have one beautiful day, with a raging Johnson Falls thrown in for good measure.

Neither snow, nor ice, nor dips in a 41 degree lake, can keep this intrepid foursome from having a great time.

Memorial Day bird watching with Barny - and Dan and Francine this year - is always a treat. Apparently Barn and I have photographic dyslexia. We saw 65 species of birds, not 56.

Our friends Tom and Kathy joined us at the cabin for a great long weekend.

Floyd biked through Saint Paul. He hasn't lost his speed.

Kate and I got two new dogs - just kidding about that.

But we have gone on some nice bike rides around our fair city.

Linda and I - particularly Linda - have been busy trying to ensure that our sweetie of a mother is in a good situation.

Until Train Party we hadn't seen Peter since Moab. It was great to get the family together.

And last weekend, 75% of the Gang of Eight gathered at the cabin.

I haven't been idle. Not as busy as Barack Obama. But not idle.