Sunday, January 29

Crass Consumerism

Maybe it was the "nesting." Lately I've been cleaning out closets. Organizing. Departing from my normal sloblike behavior. Kate may have even said, "Boy you aren't being very manly. Are you pregnant?"

I needed to come back with a strong and manly statement of my Cro Magnon tendancies. And what better statement than the purchase of a bigass TV? As you can see, it's a very big television. My rationale? It's Olympic viewing. And of course it won't be long until the Tour de France begins again. I've promised myself not to stop reading books. And I've read one whole book in the last day. It's called "Sony SXRD Projection TV Operating Instructions." Good reading.


mmoleson said...

that is one bigass TV

Unknown said...

I could say something really mean and crass, or perhaps even insightful, at this juncture but really "bigass" sorta sums it up from a number of perspectives. Just as long as you don't suddenly start pontificating on the cultural significance of the latest episode of "Desperate Housewives". Let me know when the theatre seating is installed so I'll know when to come visit.