Tuesday, July 4

A Garden Tour

It's a wonderful year in the gardens at our house. Kate and I wanted to share the views (ok, here's the deal. Kate asked me to take some photos of the garden and post them on the blog. I like the gardens, and I love Kate, so here are some hopefully patriotic photos of our garden taken on this Independence Day. I realize I'm not showing a lot of independence here, so no ironic comments on that subject, please).

Here is the back garden, presided over by Solomon, a gift sculpture from our friends the Seymours.

Note the amaryllis plants which Kate "forced" to bloom a second (and third) time.

The lillies are a special favorite of mine.

And Kate is particularly fond of this "new and improved" coneflower.

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Unknown said...

The Dude would have taken the pictures too...for Bunny.