Tuesday, April 3


Kate, Madeline and I are exploring the state of Washington. Seattle to start with the gracious hosting of our friends Fred and Mary.

Then north to the Skagit Valley to explore the tulip fields. Perhaps a little different, but all of us actually were pleased with the yellow tulip.

And to do a photo shoot with Kate. We wanted a background which matched her jacket.

We've made our way to the Olympic Penninsula, exploring Port Townsend and the Dungeness Spit - both on a glorious sunny day which is never a given in this part of the world. Here's the view from my seat as we were eating lunch.

The spit is a 5 mile long stretch of sand extending into the Strait of Juan de Fuca (a name we have enjoyed butchering)

The tide was coming in.

And now we are going out to the west coast and Kalaloch Lodge. "Off the grid", as Wein would put it.

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