Friday, December 5

Evening Rides

I love riding my bike to and from work - even in the winter. Part of it, I suppose, is the macho joy of being able to say I ride along even in Minnesota's cold and windy winters. But the fact is that keeping warm is not really very hard. It's dark on my ride home, which makes for a slower and more careful ride. But particularly with our newly completed bridge, it's really quite beautiful. I have lots to be thankful for (see my previous posting). One small thing is my ride home.

Lately, the lights aren't always on on the bridge. You would think that that would be a negative, but oddly it isn't. They are on sporadically. And I think I notice and enjoy them more when they aren't guaranteed to be on. I'm sure there is a lesson there somewhere. But I'm often too chilly to figure out what it is.

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