Monday, August 24

Urban Bird Watching II

In the spring we were visited at our house in the geographic middle of the Twin Cities by a wild turkey. On our return from the cabin last evening we had another interesting avian visitor.

A beautiful barred owl. I watched him (and he watched me with much better vision) until it was too dark for me to see him or his shadow any more. I'm sure he had the capability if not the interest to continue watching me if he so chose. Doubt if he did though. I'm not as stunning an example of the human family as he is of the avian family.

He (or she - though to me the bird seems like a he) was still in our yard this morning - though I only saw him in flight. I hope he takes up residence. And I hope he's a "mouser" and not a "birder." But if he kills and eats another bird I won't blame him. As Peter told me years ago after some life and death animal event (and after he had seen The Lion King), "It's the circle of life dad." I guess he thought Disney was a better philosophical source than his dad. Who am I to argue with that?

An afternote - Since our barred owl is still around after two days, Kate and I named him Shakespeare (though if he is in fact a she I will promptly rename her "Kate." Warning - this is a fairly abstract bit of bird humor. A hearty handshake to anyone who gets it).

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