Monday, July 14

Train Party 2008

Another tremendous Train Party is now in the books. For my money, it was a great one (honestly the 37th great one - so perhaps I should say a REALLY great one).

As always, the Bucks, Staniforths and Eddys provided get togethers that were marvelous and memorable. Certainly, one amazing highlight was the presence of two "3rd generation" Plasticvillians - Brynn and Mason.

Those two are beyond cute, and it was just heartwarming to see them continue the TP with a new generation.

Mason already is displaying some of his grandfather's gymnastics skills, and what fun it is to have and beer and talk politics with Brynn and her grandfather.

I suppose no description of a Train Party would be complete without an acknowledgement of the bocce ball champions.

Of course, they were the first champions to be roundly booed during the championship game. There is not a question in anyone's mind who should proudly assume the mantle of


In a move that surprised no one, Hizzoner the mayor skeedaddled for the border - unwilling to face the populous. The biggest thing missing for me was Peter (Oleson). We talked to him on the way home. He sounded great - for the last ten days he's been working 16 hours a day, so sounding great is a bit of an accomplishment. He told us that on one of yesterday's tides they received and processed 800,000 pounds of salmon. Hope that a few pounds comes home in smoked form as a hors de ouvres for the Jon and Megan wedding preparty!! For those who aren't dining at the Lex - plan on a party which we hope will rival those just completed on Friday, August 8th!

Thanks so much to all for a wonderful time. It adds immeasurably to the richness of my life.

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