Friday, August 29

Circles of Friends

Today was the first day of idleness I feel like I’ve had for quite a while. A "did nothing and rested afterwards" day. Our first weekend at the cabin since July 11th. That was a great weekend of fun and friendship at our cabin with the “Gang of Eight” – as Phil walked away with the inaugural Cranberry Cup Presented by Pimms (and Lisa and Ray), edging out Kate and Tom. As has become our norm – Kate was behind amazing meals at every turn. A Salad Nicoise with Tuna Steaks still remains a tasty memory (and is probably still visible around my midsection). Or perhaps it’s the pancakes. Or the tenderloin.

Then it was on to the completion of the basement remodeling and return of things to their rightful place at the house – just in time for Jon and Megan Eddy’s wedding. A Friday paella dinner at our house with the Train Party gang and a brunch the next morning were great fun. Peter had returned home from his summer canning salmon in Alaska, and Madeline was home for a little over a week.

Again, food and fun were everywhere. At the wedding reception we got a chance to don our dancing shoes.

As soon as the Train Party gang left for their respective homes, Kate’s mother Kitty and her buddy Bob arrived for a week. Shockingly, more amazing meals and fun ensued. Kitty needed some work on her fajita folding technique, but had no trouble discerning the quality of the food.

When Kitty and Bob made their way back to Pennsylvania, it was time to load up the trailer and move Peter back to Iowa City and his first apartment. Kate did make a gourmet sandwich to take with us – but otherwise left us to fend for ourselves on the food front. Just as well. The month of consumptive activity had apparently raised the amount of uric acid in my blood – leading to a bout with the “The Gout” – a painful left big toe was the price I had to pay for the joys of July and August. A small price to pay.

When I returned to the Twin Cities, Linda and Wood were only a day behind. A wedding of our good friends Tom and Rosemary’s daughter Allyson on Saturday. And then on the the Great Minnesota Get Together on Sunday.

It’s been a great and busy summer. But I must say a day where starting the fire for the sauna is my most strenuous activity has been a welcome change.

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