Tuesday, September 23

Back to the Woods

Harry and I made our way to East Pike for our annual fall trip to the woods. And a great trip it was. We've been making our way to the BWCA in the fall since 1993. And since 2002 we've been going to the same lovely campsite on the east end of East Pike.

Lots of happy hours have been spent on this rock, splash cup in hand, watching the sun set in the west.

I have literally hundreds of photos taken from "the rock" - of the lake in all its moods. And in September there are many moods to northern Minnesota lakes. We've sat there wearing every bit of clothes we brought. And on other warmer years we've been able to dive right into the lake. This year was somewhere in between.

The fishing was good - and that is a fun part of our trip. And fishing provided me with an "Einstein" moment - one where relativity is made clear. I had caught the fish on the left, which was well into the "keeper" category. I was happy to have caught a fish which could turn a soup into Bass Stew. Then I caught the fish on the right. The smaller fish is now a believer in relativity as well. In one instant, she went from the main ingredient in Bass Stew to being a smallmouth plying the amazing waters of East Pike.

But mostly it's fun paddling the lake, laughing about things, sometimes talking about life. A tradition that will go on as long as we do, I'm sure.

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