Monday, September 19

Every Quarter Century

Two weeks ago tomorrow morning, I was standing at the mirror after a great Labor Day weekend. I guess I had been too busy having fun to shave. Anyway, I made the sudden decision to grow a beard.

Why? I'm not sure I know. Perhaps it was the fact that I hadn't grown a beard for a quarter century.

Or maybe the fact that I had my annual canoe trip to the Boundary Waters coming up.

It may be that my favorite recent photo of me was after a Quetico canoe trip last year, and I had a couple of weeks of beard then.

Admittedly, I am the second best looking person in the photo. But a father never really minds being outshown by his son.

I did trim my neck - in a effort to look like a bum who was trying to grow a beard, rather than just a "Standard J-11 Bum." And proceeded on from my bathroom.

How has it worked? Well, the temperature skyrocketed - making the itchy period for the beard much more pronounced. A couple of days later Kate said,"You're going to keep that, aren't you?" Not exactly a ringing endorsement of this new look. The percentage of gray hair in the beard is high, making me look older, if not more distinguished. But I am not a high school junior trying to grow his first moustache to look older for the girls. I'm not sure that looking older is a goal of mine.

So the jury is still out. Actually, I think the verdict is in. But I'm trying to ignore it.


Ron Simpson said...

Howdy ..

Not to buck the trend or set said verdict aside .. I have reviewed yer blog and happened upon the pic of the family which featured you, sans beard .. I have to go against the trend and say that the beard does add a depth of character (depending on the character you are trying to add ) to your face.
My wife takes umbrage with me whenever I decide that this wolly mammoth crawling across my face is no longer controllable and must be cast out (or off ... as the case may be). The shaving transpires, the subsequent raised eyebrows and accompanying frowns, and the "it's your face .. do what you want with it" speech, and the march toward furriness begins anew.
So, in light of face ownership and character, I say "Viva le difference."

Oh yeah, thanks for the visit ..

Unknown said...

I have to say that the beard is quite distinguished. You look better than you have in years. Beards make me look like a dork. They make you look smart. Why the hell is that anyway?