Tuesday, September 6

Shaking Hands

Hi. My name is Stan Oleson. Though it is unlikely that anyone will come to this spot without already knowing that, I suppose I should add a bit about myself. But really any observations I add here are for the purpose of adding a bit about myself.

I'm a husband to one, father to two, lawyer to a couple of hundred, friend to a few more than that. I love puns and jokes and photos (three good reasons to have an outlet like this one). I'm a cancer survivor (for almost seven years now I have been cancer free). I lean a little to the left, both literally (due to scoliosis - an abnormal curvature of the spine) and politically.

Why am I creating this "blog"? I have no designs on bringing down Dan Rather. But I have learned over my 52 years that I write better when I have an audience. With this device I can pretend I have an audience.

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